Thursday, December 21, 2017

Auspicious dates for baby first haircut (Mundan) in 2018

In many culture, religion and/or tradition, the first haircut of a baby is considered an important milestone for his/her life. The day is known as Mundan, Chadakarana, Halaqah, Upsherin, etc.

Here is the list of auspicious dates for baby first haircut in year 2018, which is produced based on the Chinese almanac Tong Shu. (Click the image to enlarge)

Bear in mind that although the Tong Shu is a compilation of Chinese astrology and calendaring studies gathering wisdom of thousands of years, we should use it wisely and rationally, but not be too superstitious on it.


happyminion said... Reply To This Comment

Hello. I trim my child's hair for the first time on the 7th of sept. Can i choose Oct 20th to recut her hair for auspiciousness? Thanks!

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment


Yes, you can.

It is actually a traditional ritual. In Chinese culture, it is normally arranged on the 30th day after birth. Certain people arrange it on the 24th day (for boy) and 20th day (for girl).

This is just a reference that, in case you are not rigid to follow the traditional 20th, 24th or 30th day, you can pick an auspicious date from the list.

The ritual of how it is to be carried out is also depends on the culture and tradition followed by the family members. Modern family normally collect the hair and use it to make a writing brush, to be given back to the child as present at the 12th birthday or some other meaningful later day.

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