Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Avantree SP850 multifunctional wireless speaker with FM radio

I have purchased an Avantree SP850 multifunctional wireless speaker with FM radio for my father to replace his CD player that is now faulty and possibly reached its end-of-life.

This Avantree SP850 has many overlapping function with the BC-01 multimedia bluetooth speaker that I purchased 2 years ago. It costs higher at the price of RM96, but its sound quality is comparatively better, with a removable (and therefore replaceable) Nokia BL-5C Li-ion battery, and much straightforward and easier to use.

Note that this Avantree SP850 does not have alarm clock function and also unable to display the time.

Its 3 main functions are:
  • Play music and audio in MP3, WMA or WAV format
  • FM radio
  • Act as handsfree to answer/reject/hang-up incoming calls when connected to mobile phone using Bluetooth
It can accept audio source from the following:
  • FM radio
  • Micro SD card
  • AUX 3.5mm audio cable
  • Bluetooth
and it can output audio to headphone or external speaker via 3.5mm audio cable plugged to its headphone socket.

Its operation is menu driven with its LCD screen display. You can navigate the directory structure of the Micro SD card to pick the music file to play.

It supports the following music playing repeat modes:
  • Repeat all
  • Repeat folder
  • Replace once
  • Random
It has a built-in equalizer which you can set for the following music modes:
  • Natural
  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Classic
  • Jazz
  • Soft
It has 10 numeric buttons on top, makes it very easy to select song and to tune the FM radio.

You can get the FM radio to perform auto-searching of available channels, or to manually input the channel frequency number by using the numeric buttons. The manually set channels will be automatically memorized. This Avantree SP850 is able to memorize quite a lot of FM radio channels.

Due to its easy of use, this Avantree SP850 is suitable for everybody use, including elderly people.

You can watch the video below to have better understanding about this Avantree SP850.


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