Saturday, February 2, 2019

Online checking for Huawei smartphone warranty period expiry and applicable country

If you have bought a new Huawei product such as a smartphone / tablet / laptop and have registered for its warranty, whereby the registration was done by your dealer or by yourself, you can actually check for its warranty information in Huawei Consumer Products website by using the serial number of your product.

You can, of course, make use of the same webpage to check whether:

  • Your product has already been registered for warranty or not.
  • Your product is a new set or used/refurbished set. Used or refurbished set will have warranty expiry shorter than the full warranty period.
  • Your product is an original local set or non-local set.
  • Your product is genuine Huawei product or counterfeit product with invalid serial number.

You just need 2 steps to perform this warranty checking.

Firstly, you need to know the serial number of your product, which is printed on the label at the packaging box.

For Huawei smartphone, the easiest way to find out your phone's serial number is by dialing *#06# which will display its serial number and IMEI number(s) on the screen. You can then long tap on the displayed serial number to copy it into your clipboard.

Another way to view the smartphone's serial number is by going to Settings > System > About Phone > Status.

Once you obtained the product serial number, open your web browser and visit to this webpage:

Paste or key-in your device serial number, and also enter the 4-characters captcha as verification code, then press the Search button.

For Huawei smartphone, the product warranty information page will show out:
  • The product name and model number
  • The product serial number
  • Expected warranty expiration date
  • Applicable scope
  • Screen damage warranty expiration date
  • Premium service expiration date

In addition, the device warranty expiration information is also available in the HiCare mobile app most probably pre-installed in the Huawei smartphone. Just open the app in the phone, tap on Me option, you'll be able to find the warranty expiration date and applicable country under the Device Benefits section.

Just tap into the Warranty and/or Screen Insurance image link to view the detail information.

Furthermore, you can continue to check whether your device is genuine local original set with SIRIM MCMC Label registration.


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