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Register to get Touch n Go RFID tag for free with RM8/RM10 e-Wallet value and also 20% toll fee rebate

Have you become a Touch n Go RFID tag pilot user? The free registration is opened now with limited slots available.

By following the method below, you will be able to get all these for free:

  • Touch n Go RFID tag affixed to your car
  • RM8/RM10 e-Wallet value through free reload PIN code
  • 20% toll fee rebate when using the RFID at participating tolls
In order to participate in this campaign, it is compulsory for you to be:
  • A smartphone (either Android or iPhone) user with non-rooted / not jail-broken phone.
  • A private car owner with the car ownership registered in Malaysia under your name.
The steps are as follow:

Step 1: Download and install Touch n Go e-Wallet app into your phone.

If you are reading this article with your smartphone, just tap here to download and install the Touch n Go e-Wallet app into your phone.

Else way, proceed to search for Touch n Go e-Wallet app in the app store and install it. During initial setup of the app, using this as referral code: m4sxxm

It is very important for you to use a valid referral code (either use mine, or any valid referral code from your friend or family member) to get 5 times of 20% toll fee rebate later. If you don't specify any referral code, you will miss this goodie.

Step 2: Register online for your interest to be a Touch n Go RFID pilot user

You can click here to register for your interest to be a Touch n Go RFID pilot user. This link is only active while the allocated slots are still available.

It is most advisable for you to fill in the online form with your phone number which is the same with the phone that you have installed the Touch n Go e-Wallet app in Step 1 above.

Step 3: Wait for 2-3 days

After completed Step 2 above, you will probably receive an invitation email as below for you to proceed to register as Touch n Go RFID pilot user.

If you didn't receive any such email, you can still proceed to Step 4 and try your luck. As long as you can enter the online registration form with your phone number, then everything is OK. If you are unable to enter the online registration form with your phone number after 3 days from Step 2, you can contact with Touch n Go to check for the status.

Step 4: Submit the online registration form and make appointment for RFID tag installation

Click here or go to the webpage below to submit your online registration:

Make sure all the information you provide is correct, particularly your car plate number.

At the end of the process, you can choose your nearest or most convenient RFID fitment center and make appointment by specifying a date and timeslot (morning or afternoon) for your RFID tag installation.

Click here for the updated list of fitment centers, including their address, Google Map / Waze location and opening hours.

Step 5: Bring your car to install the RFID tag at fitment center

During the appointment timeslot, bring your car and the following documents to your selected fitment center:
  • Photocopy of your MyKAD or valid driving license (or valid passport - for foreigners only)
  • Photocopy of your car registration card or valid car insurance cover notes

You'll need to submit the 2 documents above to the technician at the fitment center. He will need to login to an online system to complete your registration, as well as allocate an RFID tag for you that will link to your account in the system.

The RFID tag is in the form of a sticker.

The technician will first try to test for its signal reception with a device by putting the sticker on the left hand side of your car's windscreen. Then he will try a second location, which is on your car's left headlamp.

Based on the test result, the technician will then decide whether to attach the RFID tag on your windscreen or on your headlamp. It is very likely to get a stronger signal by installing the RFID tag on your headlamp.

The entire installation time, including the signal testing time, should be less than 5 minutes. If including the document submission and system key-in time, the whole process should be less than 30 minutes.

Step 6: Wait 1-2 days for RFID tag activation

You need to wait again for your RFID tag activation before it can be used. Normally it will take 1-2 working days.

Upon successful activation, you will be notified by SMS.

Don't worry if you don't receive any SMS notification after waited for 2 days. You can also check in the RFID section in your Touch n Go e-Wallet mobile app. If your RFID tag has been successfully activated, you will be able to see your car plate number there. Otherwise, you might want to contact with Touch n Go to check for the status.

Step 7: Get the RM8/RM10 reload pin and load the value into your e-Wallet

Before you complete this step, it is very important for you NOT to reload your e-Wallet with any credit card, debit card, or any other ways.

This is because your e-Wallet need to be virgin with zero transaction in order for you to successfully load this free RM8/RM10 reload into your e-Wallet.

There are plenty of places to get this free reload pin. If you get it from an agent, it probably carries a value of RM8. If you get it directly from Touch n Go, it probably carries a value of RM10.

Here are a few ways to get this free reload pin:
  • Search the Internet to locate for agents who giving out the pin for free. You can find some inside Shopee online mall.
  • If you are a registered Touch n Go card user, you probably have received a marketing email from Touch n Go with an RM10 e-Wallet reload pin code in the email.
  • Visit to Touch n Go RFID kiosk, roadshow, etc. and you will have chance to be given an RM10 reload pin voucher for free.
  • Visit to one of the Touch n Go participating merchants (the shops that accept Touch n Go e-Wallet as payment method) and you will have chance to be given an RM10 reload pin voucher for free.

Step 8: Reload your e-Wallet

Before you can use your Touch n Go RFID for toll payment, your linked e-Wallet need to have sufficient balance in it.

You can reload your e-Wallet with the free reload pin obtained from Step 7 above.

After that, you can also reload your e-Wallet using credit card, debit card, or purchase new reload pin from participating outlet.

Step 9: Use your RFID tag at participating tolls and get the 20% rebate instantly

Your RFID tag works in a way similar to Smart Tag. You just need to go through the RFID lane at the toll plaza. The toll fee will be deducted from your e-Wallet. If the highway is participating in the 20% rebate campaign, your e-Wallet will be receiving the 20% rebate in 1-2 minutes right after the toll payment.

Below are 2 of my usages at LDP. Notice that within 1 minute, I got the rebate in the form of cashback, so my effective LDP toll fee was RM2.10 - RM0.42 = RM1.68.

Step 10: Get more times of 20% toll fee rebate

Note that you will get 5 times usage of the 20% toll fee rebate at participating toll plaza if you have created your e-Wallet account using a referral code as stated in Step 1 above.

To get more times of the rebate, you can:
  • Link your physical Touch n Go card with your e-Wallet account. I got additional 10 times with this.
  • Invite your family members and friends to join this campaign with your own referral code, which you can find inside your e-Wallet app. You will receive additional 5 times at the same time when they received theirs for account activation.

No doubt that this is quite a tedious process, with many steps and requires some waiting days in-between the process. However, it worth a try to get the free RM8/RM10 reload and the 20% toll fee rebate.

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