Monday, September 16, 2019

How to transfer money (in / out) between MAE e-wallet and Maybank account

MAE (Maybank Anytime Everyone) is Maybank e-wallet inside the Maybank MY mobile app, which share the same mobile app with existing Maybank e-banking functions.

To register for new MAE account, and to access to the MAE account, just search for the MAE logo on the Maybank MY mobile app screen and tap on it.

Although MAE is sharing the same mobile app with Maybank e-banking, you need to switch into the MAE function in order to transfer money from your Maybank savings / current account to your MAE e-wallet, or to transfer money out from your MAE e-wallet to your Maybank savings / current account.

You can also use your MAE e-wallet to make payment to your Maybank credit card, housing loan, car loan, etc.

On the MAE main screen, just swipe down to transfer money from your Maybank account to your MAE e-wallet, or swipe up to transfer money out of MAE.

After swiping down, just select "Top Up Wallet" to transfer money from your Maybank account to MAE e-wallet.

After swiping up, select "Send Money" to transfer money from your MAE e-wallet to your Maybank account.

Note that the money sitting in your MAE e-wallet does not produce any interest for you. Therefore, it is advisable to transfer all the money in your MAE to your savings account to earn interest if you have no plan to use it within short period of time.

After you have reached the Send Money screen, select "Transfer to a bank account" to make the fund transfer to your Maybank account.

Then, select "Transfer to Own Account/Card/Loan" and follow the subsequent steps to complete the money transfer process.


Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment

For the new MAE interface, here is the way:

Step 1: Tap on the Wallet icon at the top-right corner in MAE main screen.

Step 2: Confirm your identity with 6 digit PIN or fingerprint.

Step 3: To transfer money into MAE wallet, tap on "Top Up MAE". To transfer money out from MAE wallet, tap on "Transfer" instead.

Step 4: Key in your Maybank2U password.

Step 5: Tap on the Continue button.

Step 6: Proceed with your transfer.

You can Top Up from your Maybank savings/current account to MAE.

You can transfer money from MAE to any one of:
- Maybank savings/current account
- Maybank credit card
- Maybank loan account
- Other people's savings account (Maybank or other bank)
- DuitNow
- Overseas

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