Friday, October 18, 2019

Car seat gap filler pad

Have you ever dropped small items such as coins, payment card, handphone, power bank, key, pen, paper, snacks, etc. through the gap between your front car seats and the center console?

Searching and retrieving for such small items underneath your car seat is a mess. What if you are still driving?

The car seat gap filler pad is a brilliant innovation to use soft material padding to fill up the gap, therefore preventing such small items from falling into the gap again.

It is pretty simple in design, very easy and straightforward to install.

When you purchase the car seat gap filler pad, choose the longer one (48cm or more) with elegant PU leather surface. It costs around RM10 each. Normally you need two, one for the driver side, and another for the front passenger side.

This is how they looks like after installation in my car.


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