Sunday, February 16, 2020

Adjustable undercarriage base with wheels to raise up washing machine, dryer, fridge, etc.

I was looking for a cheap and good solution to raise up my washing machine so that it can drain water out more completely into the drain hole on the floor, which has a portion risen on top of the floor, as shown below.

And I have found this adjustable undercarriage base with wheels to raise up wachine machine, dryer, fridge, etc. which really fit to my need. In fact, its feature exceeds my expectation, as it also comes with pretty good quality wheels which can be locked (fix on the location) and unlocked (make it movable).

Now, you can see that both my washing machine and dryer are lifted higher from the floor with this undercarriage base. With the wheels, I can also easily move them around, to clean the floor area under them.

This undercarriage base's width and length is adjustable, to fit for different size of washing machine, dryer, fridge, etc. placed on top of it. It is advertised to be able to hold a maximum load of 250kg.

Illustration taken from vendor's online store in Shopee

To assemble the base, you will need a screwdriver to install the wheels onto the base. You will also need a hammer to be easier to adjust its width and length, and to install the stoppers to fill up the gap between the stainless steel metal bar and the plastic base, to firm up the adjusted length and strengthen the connection points.


Vivien said... Reply To This Comment

How much is this? And what is the shopee link?

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment


You can get it online for around RM30.

There are multiple vendors in Shopee, Lazada, Presto Mall, and other e-commerce online malls selling this kind of product.

For example, this one:

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