Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Managing your SSPN-i account with Bank Islam - including money top-up, withdrawal and transfer (online website & ATM)

Do you know that if you have a savings/current account with Bank Islam (BIMB), you can link your SSPN-i account(s) to your ATM card that linked with your savings/current account, and then you can manage your SSPN-i account from Bank Islam's online banking website and/or ATM machine.

However, you cannot manage your SSPN-i account with Bank Islam's mobile app yet, as the function is not available in the app.

You can apply to link your SSPN-i account with your Bank Islam ATM card either at the teller counter or at the ATM machine.

After successful linkage with SSPN-i, you will be able to see the SSPN-i option in the My Accounts menu.

This function will display your up-to-date SSPN-i information, including:
  • Linked account number
  • Depositor's name
  • Beneficiary's name
  • Beneficiary's IC number
  • Available balance
  • Current balance
You can also see SSPN-i option in the Funds Transfer menu. Note that fund transfer involving SSPN-i will incur a bank service charge of RM0.50 per transaction.

The types of fund transfer you can do online including:
  • From your savings/current account to your SSPN-i account (top-up)
  • From your savings/current account to 3rd party SSPN-i account (top-up others)
  • From your SSPN-i account to your savings/current account (withdrawal)
  • From your SSPN-i account to 3rd party savings/current account (withdrawal to others)
  • From one SSPN-i account to another SSPN-i account (transfer)

Similar functions of SSPN-i top-up, withdrawal and transfer can also be done at Bank Islam's ATM machine.

This is a pretty convenient and useful service for you to manage the money in your SSPN-i account(s) by yourself using online method or visiting to the ATM machine, without the need to go for counter service (in the bank, PTPTN office/agent, UTC center, ...)


风信子的璀璨 said... Reply To This Comment

Hi, is withdrawal via ATM/online banking able to be carry out by parents as a depositor in this case?

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment


Yes, as long as the bank account and also ATM card are linked to the SSPN-i account by Bank Islam.

Steven said... Reply To This Comment

Hi how many float day needed for deposit from bank islam to sspn

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment


Usually the money will be deposited into SSPN account within 1 working day.

However, SSPN might take some time for the transaction detail to be reflected in your SSPN online statement.

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