Thursday, June 3, 2021

Online check your latest COVID-19 vaccination appointment status

There are basically 3 ways to check your latest COVID-19 vaccination appointment status:

  • Check inside MySejahtera mobile app, under COVID-19 Vaccination function
  • Check with JKJAV website
  • Make a phone call to toll free number 1800-888-828
Using either one of the above channels, you can check for the vaccination status for yourself, as well as the status for your dependent(s) registered with your phone number.

The checking applied to both the conventional vaccination registration and also the voluntary AstraZeneca vaccine immunization registration in Malaysia.

Certain people found that even though they had successfully secured a slot for AstraZeneca vaccination, the appointment info is not shown inside their MySejahtera mobile app.

If you found yourself or your dependent to be in such situation, you can click here to double-check with JKJAV website, or make a call to 1800-888-828.

You will need to provide the identity no. of yourself or your dependent, and the phone no. that you've used to register your MySejahtera app.

After that, you should be able to see your vaccination appointment status on the next screen.

This information should be in sync with the same piece of information shown in your MySejahtera app. If they are not in sync, you should make a call to 1800-888-828 for clarification.


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