Monday, March 14, 2022

My Youpin Suanglng JC-B18 2.5 litres mini washing machine

Do you remember my portable ultrasonic turbine mini washer that I bought at the price of slightly above RM40 that I used it to wash the mopping cloth of my Roborock S7 robot cleaner?

Unfortunately, I have to tell you that it cannot last long, and started to malfunction after about 3 months of daily usage. Maybe its motor is too weak to handle daily usage, and now it could hardly spin.

It is still a very good mini washer, probably for occasional use, such as when you're travelling.

Anyhow, I have found a more robust replacement for it, which is my Youpin Suanglng JC-B18 2.5 litres mini washing machine, which cost me around RM150.

This mini washing machine has a higher power motor than my previous mini washer, operating at 12V 10W.

It has its own bucket with touch power button. Other than the washing function similar to my previous mini washer, it also has voilet ray and ozone bubbles to sanitize virus and bacteria.

See it in action below:

Note that its bucket is pretty small, at the size of 165mm x 165mm x 187mm only.

Other than mopping cloth, it is also suitable to wash handkerchief, socks, underwear, baby clothes, saliva napkin, and other small items.

Hopefully this Youpin Suanglng JC-B18 mini washing machine can last for 2 years or more.


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