Tuesday, November 3, 2009

8 common technology capabilities that IT organization needs

The technology capabilities that IT organization needs might form a very wide and deep list, varying based on the business strategies in place.

Richard Brennan, managing director of Denver-based technology strategy and advisory firm Tipperary Partners, has come out with a list of 8 common technology capabilities for our reference.

  1. Operational: Expert in operating systems, networks, data centers; scaling them efficiently while appropriately managing risks.
  2. Development: Expert in leveraging the appropriate technology to code and deploy complex systems.
  3. Innovative: Expert at introducing technologies and processes.
  4. Project management: Expert at managing and delivering complex projects within budget and timeframe.
  5. Architectural: Expert in designing reliable, scalable and extensible applications and systems.
  6. Data management: Expert at collecting, managing, organizing and providing access to data.
  7. Process: Expert in establishing and managing operational and business processes.
  8. Agile: Expert in reacting quickly to the changing technical/business environment.
This list is good enough for organizations to use as reference to determine and define technology capabilities of their own need. It is also a good evaluation/assessment list for both employers and employees.

Bear in mind that we might not be able to master in all of them. It is better to pick at most three to four items in the list and excel in them.


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