Friday, August 1, 2008

Touch n Go Auto-reload Zing Card

If you carry a credit card issued by certain bank in Malaysia, you might aware from the bank's promotion about this Touch 'n Go card named as Zing Card that will auto-reload by itself.

With the auto-reload feature, you no longer have to worry about not enough balance in your Touch 'n Go card when you use it, and you no longer need to take the hassle to reload its balance. Furthermore, you have earn some reward points or get some cash rebate from your credit card every time it is auto-reloaded.

In fact, the innovation of the card has won the “Most Innovative Prepaid Card Award” from The European Financial Management & Marketing Association (EFMA). Its concept is simple: every time the card balance falls below RM50, it will trigger the auto-reload mechanism to reload RM100 into the card. The reload is done automatically in the system and you don't need to do anything. A service fee of RM2 will be charged every time it auto-reloads, which is more expensive than reloading your normal Touch 'n Go card at ATM machine and charged for RM0.50, but you can save on your time and petrol required to reach the ATM machine. For security reason, the auto-reload is limited to one time per day only.

You need to be a member of VISA or Master credit card issued by a participating institution offering the Touch 'n Go Zing Card as companion card to their credit cards. Those credit card issuers include:

  • Maybank
  • Hong Leong Bank
  • EON Bank
  • Affin Bank
  • MBf Card
  • AEON Credit Service
This Zing Card has no annual fee, but normally a RM10 is charged when the card is issued to you. Currently some of the issuers offer the Zing Card for free and waive the RM10 charge during promotion period.

This Zing Card is also covered under the CPP Card Protection Plan, so if you are also a CPP member, you may include your Zing Card into your protected card listings with CPP.

I have been using my Zing Card for years and find it really convenient. It also works with Smart Tag too. If you are a Touch 'n Go user, you'd probably want to switch over to Zing Card too.


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