Monday, March 23, 2009

The 4.50% EPF dividend for 2008 credited today

Just for your information, if you visit to the EPF (a.k.a. KWSP) online service by today, you will be able to see the 4.50% dividend for 2008 (which was announced earlier on 16 March 2009) has already been credited into your account and reflected in the Year 2008 Statement.

At the same time, the long awaited Current Statement for 2009 is also available now. If you plan for a withdrawal, you can click on the Withdrawal Eligibility link to check your allowed amount to be withdrawn for the 9 types of withdrawal available.

As I mentioned in my article on 7 November 2008, we should not expect the EPF dividend for year 2008 to be exciting. Therefore, 4.50% is indeed within expectation. In fact, by looking at current worldwide economic situation, we shall not expect the EPF dividend for 2009 to be higher than 4.50% either.

What to do? Frankly speaking, my share investment portfolio in year 2008 also didn't perform very well. It is a really tough road ahead.


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