Monday, March 16, 2009

A money-making and recession-proof good profession

The results of SPM and STPM have just been released recently. The famous question of "what would be a good profession with good prospect to pursue for?" again become a hot topic of discussion now.

A recent chit-chat session with my friends indeed made us found one good profession. Before I tell you the answer, here are some of the characteristics of a "good profession" that you can reference to filter from the others:

  • All people need you - your service is required by almost everybody, at least a few times in their lifetime.
  • Recession-proof - no matter how good or bad is the economy situation, when the time come, people still need your service.
  • Money-making - you should be able to easily earn 5-figure income every month, unless you are voluntarily providing your service for charity.
  • No overtime, no on call - you have fixed working hour. No overtime and no need to work during weekend. Even when urgently needed, your client still need to wait for your next working day no matter how emergency the situation will be.
  • Open your own business - you can work with an organization, or open your own business with your profession and become self-employed.
  • Good social status - your profession gives you a very good social status.
  • Low risk working environment - your working environment is very low risk, in an air-conditioned room.
  • Less stress - normally, you are not required to work under stress.
Well, are you able find a profession that matches with all the conditions above? There are probably not many, but they actually exist, and very common too.

OK. Here is the answer: dentist.

And I'm sure there are some other good professions other than this. If you find any more, please do not hesitate to share out here.


aLan said... Reply To This Comment


1. 现在的家长越来越kiasu,能多早就多早把孩子送去学这个那个。当然,当教师的初期是没啥名气。如果教得好,自然有人找上门。
2. 铁饭碗——一日没有行差搭错,就不必担心被裁。
3. 贷款保障——贷款人不幸逝世的话,政府承担余额。
4. 医药福利——可延伸至配偶和儿女,省回大笔医药费。

1. 可能involve在非教职工作,例如Guru Penasihat Persatuan XXX之类的,导致无法准时放工。
2. 没得选工作地点。


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