Saturday, August 8, 2009

Attended the AGM of ICAP and listened to Tan Teng Boo's talk

I attended the 5th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Bhd (ICAP, 5108) today 8-8-2009. This closed-end fund is very considerate to its shareholders to conduct the AGM on Saturday, so that working people don't have to take leave to attend it.

The AGM was held in Mandarin Oriental Hotel at the heart of Kuala Lumpur (KLCC). Hundreds of shareholders (and proxies) have attended the meeting, filling up all the seats. The major attraction is a special talk by Mr. Tan Teng Boo, the fund manager of ICAP, right after the AGM.

Mr. Tan has shared about the latest portfolio of ICAP and his rationale to choose those counters. He is bullish on Parkson's China and Vietnam business, Astro's joint-venture in India, etc. He is even bullish in F&N after their contract with Coca-Cola expired. He shared about his view on the reason of recent worldwide economy crisis, what is the real cause (the Lehman Panic), how will be the recovery process in his opinion, and where are we now. All the points are well supported by facts and figures, which shows that he has done numerous studies on his talking points.

Mr. Tan also enlighten us about the value investing way of stock buy/sell strategy. In the Q&A session, he answered some of the questions from his investors on why ICAP not applying the "cut lost" or "cut gain" strategy normally used by chartists, and how ICAP not trading based on price movement or market timing but based on fundamental studies. He also shared his viewpoint on the Malaysia market, US market, China market, India market, SEA markets, etc. It was really a fruitful discussion between ICAP's investors and the fund manager.

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This 5th AGM of ICAP started at around 10am and ended by around 1.30pm. Mr Tan has taken about 2 hours for his informative talk, and a lot of investors have participated in the Q&A session.

I'm looking forward to attend the next AGM next year.

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