Friday, October 30, 2009

Software update to v2.80 available for Sing/Mal version of Garmin Nuvi 205/205w/255w

The new software version 2.80 is now available for Sing/Mal version of Garmin Nuvi 205/205w/255w.

This version will:

  • Synchronize to English v5.30
  • Update GPS firmware to v3.90
Here are the steps I have taken to successfully updated my Nuvi 255w.

Download the installation file from Garmin's website (link provided at the end of this article). The filename is nuvi255W_SG_v280.exe with the size of 10,672kb.

Remove the SD card (that I use to store additional maps) from the GPS slot.

Connect the GPS to my computer with USB cable and access to its storage.

Rename the file /Garmin/GPX/Current.gpx to /Garmin/GPX/temp.gpx. During the update process, a new Current.gpx file will be created and data in this temp.gpx will be restored to the new Current.gpx. If this step is not taken, you might lost your saved waypoints and/or favourites.

Delete these 3 files from /Garmin/Voice folder:
  • English_American_Jack.vpm
  • English_Australian_Karen.vpm
  • English_British_Daniel.vpm
Don't worry, they'll be replaced with new version of voice files during the update process.

Run the nuvi255W_SG_v280.exe from the computer. It will copy over some files to the GPS.

Safely unplug the USB cable and let the GPS reboot by itself. You will see the message of "Software loading..." on the screen of the GPS while it is performing the update.

In less than a minute, the GPS will automatically reboot itself after the update is completed.

Now the GPS is loaded with new software v2.80 (successfully updated from the previous v2.70).

Quite disappointedly, there is still no ecoRoute feature in this v2.80 of Nuvi software for Sing/Mal 205/205w/255w units.

Click here to download the installation file for Garmin Nuvi 205/205w/255w Sing/Mal v2.80 software.


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