Sunday, October 11, 2009

Using GMapTool with cGPSmapper to convert finalized gmapsupp.img back to MapSource maps

We talked about using GMapTool to combine multiple maps into one mapset file for Garmin GPS earlier on. This article is about the reverse, which is to split the combined mapset file back to the original files which can be opened with Garmin MapSource application.


Firstly, you need to create a new directory in your computer to store the generated files (output of this conversion process). In the example here, I'll create C:\Garmin\MalSingMaps.

Under the Files section of GMapTool, select the mapset file by clicking on Add Files.

Then, you must specify the full path of your installed cGPSmapper in the Options section.
Continue to the Split section.Click the Directory button and select the new directory you've just created. Make sure you choose to create files for MapSource. You might also want to compile the preview map.

Click the "Split all" button when you are done. Make sure there is no error and the process completed successfully with a "Done!" message.

To install the map for MapSource, run the install.bat script in the output directory.

Now you should be able to open the map in MapSource.
If the map is locked, you need to unlock it by saving the unlock code in MapSource before you are able to see the map. You can do so by going to Utilities > Manage Map Products > Unlock Regions. Click the Add button and paste in your unlock code for the map.

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this can be used in hp? Nanged you for good post! Nang this to see the RM15,000++ web address! Tq!

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cant run install bat

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Hello Voyager8,
good detailed write-up which I'm able to follow until the part which I successfully completed the Split All process. I'm am lost at the DOS command part which u run "install.bat". Could you let me know how do I perform this particular step? as detail as possible please as I'm a pc idiot! appreciate if you can send the steps to my email: Thank you very much!

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