Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cancelling the Touch n Go Zing Card

Today I would like to share my experience in cancelling the Touch 'n Go Zing Card.

I have been using the Maybank Touch 'n Go Zing Card for several years, until recently I decided to switch over to CIMB Touch 'n Go Zing Card.

The switching process involves applying a new Zing card from CIMB and cancelling the old Zing card with Maybank.

The reasons for the switch are:

  • I plan to cancel my Maybank credit card.
  • The auto-reload fee of CIMB Zing card would be cheaper in long run.
For example, if you use about RM200  Touch 'n Go value per month. In a period of 6 months, if you use Maybank Zing card, you will need to reload 12 times, and the total fee is RM2 x 12 = RM24.

If you opt for RM200 per reload in CIMB Zing card, you will only need to reload 6 times, and the total fee is RM2 x 6 = RM12.

The saving of using CIMB Zing card rather than Maybank Zing card is 50%!

And here is the procedure to cancel the Touch 'n Go Zing card:
1. Cancel the card with your bank. Call their call centre.
2. Cancel the card with Touch 'n Go. Call 03-76285115.
3. A RM5 processing fee will be charged for the cancellation. It will be deducted from the stored value in your Zing card.
4. Your Zing card will be blocked from further usage.
5. The remaining money in your Zing card will be refunded by Touch 'n Go to your credit card within 30 days.


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These charges are a rip-off :(

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