Friday, November 13, 2009

ESRI Thailand Street Map (TSM) NT v10.0 EN / TH for Garmin is released

The ESRI Thailand Street Map (TSM) NT v10.0 for Garmin is released and available in both English and Thai language.

Enhancements in this version include:

  • Added more than 1,000 images of new Junction View
  • Updated approximately 500,000 Point-of-Interests (POIs) for the whole country that have been either opened and closed from the past year by actual field survey
  • Added and updated about 10,000 kilometers of road data
  • Added the exits in Highway Mode for major roads, not just the highways
  • Added entrances and exits on major buildings and landmarks
  • Added local voice navigation for all 4 regions of Thailand (for compatible devices)
  • Added about 10,000 of new telephone numbers
  • Improved map data quality
  • Miscellaneous improvements

 Known issues to this version of TSM:
  • Some of the functions including the address search, junction view, etc. only work in the Thai language version of the map.
  • Searching for a place by using the “near…” button function might cause certain model of GPS to unexpectedly shutdown or reboot by itself


edge2002 said... Reply To This Comment

I see you very knowledgable with electronics stuff, could you help me on one thing, I going to buy a LCD TV, this model
it cost rm1899, do u thing is value for money?
I know nuts about LED TV, would like to have your opinion

many thanks

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment

Hi edge2002,

When buying flat panel TV, the 3S (Sharp, Sony, Samsung) are no doubt still the market leaders nowadays.

LC32D30M-W seems to be an entry level which also cost reasonably. If you are not so demanding and use it to watch normal TV only, it should fit to your need.

It is HD Ready, which mean not true HD. However, you only need HD when you watch BlueRay disc or HD-DVD. Otherwise, the HD Ready feature is more than enough, especially when watching normal TV or Astro.

It has a comparatively low contrast ratio, but that is enough to watch normal TV or Astro. You might need a higher contrast ratio if you want to play 3D video games or watch high quality DVD/BlueRay movies.

It has a PC connector, so you can connect it to your laptop and make it a big monitor screen too.

peter said... Reply To This Comment

For garmin gps normally normally we is set faster time or shorten distance better if drive in malysia?

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment

Hi fire,

Normally faster time is preferred.

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment

ESRI Thailand Street Map (TSM) NT v10.1 EN / TH for Garmin is released now.

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