Monday, May 3, 2010

Fixed GMapTool problem regarding "Multiple products in img, creating TDB aborted"

Sometimes when you try to use GMapTool to convert the finalized gmapsupp.img or gmapprom.img back to MapSource maps, the process might not be so smooth.

It might halt halfway with this error message: "Multiple products in img, creating TDB aborted, try option -f."

Some of the maps that will give this problem are:
  • ESRI Thailand StreetMap NT v10.1 (FID = 57)
  • CN Hong Kong / Macau and Guangdong NT v7.61 (FID = 2082)
I managed to change the "error" into "warning" by specifying the mapset FID when doing the splitting in GMapTool. You can find out the mapset FID by clicking the Details button after loading the mapset file into GMapTool.

Now you can have the whole mapset splitting process complete and the installation file for MapSource created, despite some warning might come out along the process.

The bottomline is, you will be able to open and view the map in MapSource.


Norberto said... Reply To This Comment
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Riding said... Reply To This Comment

Thank you. I'm able to install an "NT" map which used to give all sorts of "pe11" errors and such. this way works flawlessly

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