Friday, May 6, 2011

Deloitte Technology Trends 2011 Report - The natural convergence of business and IT

Deloitte has released their annual Technology Trends report for 2011, taglined "The natural convergence of business and IT".

This report examines the ever-evolving landscape of technology put to business use. Although it is written from the perspective of the CIO, it also informs business executives on exciting new possibilities to apply technology to address their most pressing business challenges.

10 important trends were identified in this report, clustered in 2 categories.

1. (Re)Emerging Enablers are trends that many CIOs and technology executives have spent time, thought and resources on in the past.

They are:

  • Visualization
  • "Almost-Enterprise" Applications
  • Cyber Intelligence
  • CIOs as Revolutionaries
  • The End of the "Death of ERP"

2. Disruptive Deployments are trends that present significant new opportunities to improve business processes, rethink operations or even enter into new business models. The technologies themselves are not necessarily disruptive, but when when deployed, could disrupt the cost, capabilities, or even the core operating model of IT and the business.

They are:
  • Real Analytics
  • Social Computing
  • User Engagement
  • Applied Mobility
  • Capability Clouds
Among the list, the convergence of Social and Mobile computing plays significantly.

Click here to download the 68 pages Deloitte Technology Trends 2011 Report.


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