Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tweaking Ubuntu 11.04 easily with Ubuntu Tweak

Ubuntu Tweak is an open source tool licensed with GPL v2, designed to make easy to configure your Ubuntu Linux system and desktop settings using its user friendly GUI interface.

It is developed by Tualatrix Chou (周鼎), a 24 years old Chinese guy who also founded HZLUG (Hangzhou Linux User Group).

Features of Ubuntu Tweak includes:

  • Display Basic System Information (Distribution, Kernel, CPU, Memory, etc.)
  • GNOME Session Control
  • Auto Start Program Control
  • Quick installer for popular applications
  • Lots of 3rd-party sources to keep applications up-to-date
  • Clean unneeded packages or cache to free disk space
  • Show/Hide and Change Splash screen
  • Show/Hide desktop icons or Mounted Volumes
  • Show/Hide/Rename Computer, Home, Trash or Network icon
  • Tweak Metacity Window Manager's style and behaviour
  • Compiz Fusion settings, Screen Edge Settings, Window Effect Settings, Menu Effect Settings
  • Set the Shortcuts to archive quicker access your favourite applications
  • GNOME Panel Settings
  • Nautilus Settings
  • Advanced Power Management Settings
  • System Security Settings
  • and many more...

For example, many of us prefer to have the Window Titlebar buttons on the right instead of on the left. You can easily set this with Window Manager Settings in Ubuntu Tweak.

You can download the DEB installation package of Ubuntu Tweak from its website. To install it after download, just double click on the DEB file.

After installation, you can find Ubuntu Tweak inside the System category of Applications. Click the Applications launcher on the side bar of Ubuntu 11.04 Unity Desktop, drop down the search selector which default to All Applications and select System. Alternatively, you can search for "Ubuntu Tweak" by key-in its name in the application search box.


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