Thursday, October 6, 2011

My YB-642 Yoobao Long March Power Bank with 11,200 mAh capacity

Nowadays it is pretty normal for us to have a few mobile devices powered by rechargeable battery, including handphone, GPS navigator, tablet, digital camera, PSP, MP3 player, etc.

Some of those high end mobile devices are fast in consuming battery, require us to recharge their battery very frequently. For example, we almost have to recharge our smartphone (Android, iPhone, ...) and tablet (iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, ...) on daily basis.

During the recharging period, the mobile devices are no longer mobile. They might be still usable while plugged in a wall socket for battery recharge, or they are temporary unusable because the battery is taken out to be charged by external charger. A common way to overcome this is to prepare additional batteries, so that the mobile device can still be used by replacing the flatted battery with the spare one.

However, different mobile device uses battery of different size and capacity. Their battery is charged with different charger too.

Imagine that we are going for outdoor activity in a place with no electricity supply, such as camping or mountain climbing, for at least a few days. How to solve the battery power need of our smartphone, GPS navigator, tablet, and even torch light?

I have just bought a YB-642 Yoobao Long March Power Bank with 11,200 mAh capacity at the price of RM185.50 from an online store, which I believe is the perfect solution.

A power bank is an external battery with high storage capacity, that is able to provide power to the mobile device through its charging mechanism. Yoobao produces a few models of power bank, and I have chosen YB-642 because of its high power storage capacity of up to 11,200 mAh, which is very long lasting.

The size and look of YB-642 is similar to old style PDA, and its weight is just 253g, not heavy to carry.

Inside the package, there are:
  • The YB-642 power bank itself
  • A micro-USB cable to charge the power bank
  • A power adapter that convert AC 100-240V power to DC 5V-1000mA
  • A DC3.5 switch cable that connect YB-642 to one of its connectors
  • Connectors for mini-USB, micro-USB, Apple (iPhone, iPod, iPad), Nokia, Samsung phone, Sony Ericsson and PSP
  • User manual

YB-642 has 2 USB output interfaces. The left one (marked as 1A) is able to output DC 5.3V-1000mA max, suitable for most mobile devices that accept 1000mA charging. The right one (marked as 2A) is able to out DC 5.2V-2000mA max, suitable for tablets and other devices that need a higher charging current.

YB-642 is very easy to use, just put it to the device and charging will automatically begin. Disconnect its cable and it will automatically turn off itself. See it in action charing my HTC Incredible S smartphone.

YB-642 is able to charge up to 2 mobile devices at the same time, by using both of its USB outputs.

YB-642 is also able to provide current to Samsung Galaxy Tab, which accepts 2500mA charging. Just plug the Samsung Galaxy Tab to 2A output of YB-642 using the USB cable that comes with the tablet. Although it cannot effectively recharge the battery of Samsung Galaxy Tab which require 2500mA current for recharge, plugging YB-642 to the Samsung Galaxy Tab enable you to use the tablet for a much more longer time.

YB-642 also has a LED light in front, which you can use it as a torch light. Push its button for more than 2 seconds to toggle the torch function. The LED torch can last for 540 hours (over 22 days) in a fully charged power bank when its USB outputs remain unused during the period. This is very handy and useful for outdoor activities.


rage n roll said... Reply To This Comment

can share which website you got this power bank from? is it local online store?

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment


Check in Garage Sales section of

Alex said... Reply To This Comment

Do you know anything about the Mimi brand? They offer a near identical product, the only difference I can see is the branding on the unit and the extra 800mAh of juice. Here is the product:

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment


I think is the same product under different branding.

ahroi84 said... Reply To This Comment

how was the product right now? any issue?

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment


Dropped on the floor a few times, now the casing slit loosen, but still functioning well. Very robust indeed.

-=CloUd-= said... Reply To This Comment

Hey, does this product need a few charging cycles to show its full potential? I charged my iphone from 50% to full, ipad from 50% to full, PSP from 50% to full and now my phone from 70% to full and its showing me the blinking one bar down from 3 bars just a few mins ago.

RaulSM said... Reply To This Comment

Hi there, I wanna know how long does it takes to full charge itself? Cause I have mine charging for like 3 days and it is always the 2nd blue light blinking I don't know what I'm doing wrong or if the unit is the one that's not working well :S please help me

simon said... Reply To This Comment

Hi all, here is another web store operate by a's member, just COD with him today at cheras,and verified at yoobao official is Genuine.

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment


Normally it will take half a day to charge from totally discharged to fully charged state.

If you are unable to charge properly, you can change the charger with your handphone's charger, and you can also change the charging cable. Sometimes the problem is with the charger or with the cable.

PTC said... Reply To This Comment

Roughly what is the life span of the Yoobao Power Banker ? Is Yoobao brand quite a good power banker comparatively ?

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment


I have been using it for months, and it is still working fine.

I think general lifespan for Lithium battery is around 1-2 years.

Sergei said... Reply To This Comment

I just got mine today from The Summit, USJ Subang Jaya for RM 169! Really a cool device indeed as I will get some extra power for my iPad3 on my 8 hour long flight to Aussie! :D

rogcha said... Reply To This Comment

Looks like a great product for touring cyclists!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

tell me how to charge the power bank

Aggie said... Reply To This Comment

I would like to get the PowerBank, but I live in Nigeria. Is there a way it can be shipped to me after payment?

Secondly, is Yoobao a reputable brand for batteries cos I would really like to import quite a number to sell to people here.

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment


You can get it from Alibaba:

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