Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Family outdoor activity at Janda Baik, Pahang

My family with some 20 families altogether, have brought our kids who live in urban city to a small village called Janda Baik (coordinates: 3°19'42.94"N, 101°51'43.29"E) in Pahang for a 2-days-1-night parenting activity organized by the Family Learning Centre (亲子学苑) of the United Chinese School Teachers' Association Of Malaysia (教总).

This is a wonderful experience, as most of the organized camping activities only involve the kids, but this camping invites both the parents and children to experience the nature together.

The journey started by visiting to a waterfall. At first, we entered into the jungle following a smooth lane.

What a nice jungle walk where we can see and try to identify the different kinds of leaves, flowers, plants, insects and small animals. We are also able to see some of the buildings of Genting Highlands from far.

Soon, the journey became more and more challenging as we entered the untreated lane.

We needed to climb through relatively steep sloves, walking through slippery mud and crossing through waterlogging, before we finally reached the waterfall.

When I reached the waterfall, I found a bloody leech on my leg. Ouch!

We spent most of our time in a platform of New Era Organic Farm, located quite some distance away from the waterfall. This wooden pyramid-shape platform is the place where we eat, play and sleep.

There is a small river near the New Era Organic Farm. Its water is clean, fresh and chilling cool. The children like it very much.

Entering the organic farm all bare footedly, the children also learned to do farming in the farm.

We had camp fire and BBQ at night. No animal was harmed. We only grilled sweet corns in the BBQ.

The trip ended next day with horse feeding in a nearby small horse farm.

This is a nice outdoor activity for our children to get close to nature, and for us to relax ourselves, break away temporary from busy urban living.


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