Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lenspen VidiMax cleaning kit for LCD / Plasma screens

I got this Lenspen VidiMax cleaning kit for LCD / Plasma screens from an online auction.

It is used to clean the dust and fingerprints on large LCD or plasma screens such as computer monitor screen, TV screen, etc.

This cleaning kit consists of 2 layers. The top layer has a chamois pad with special non-liquid cleaning compound to wipe off fingerprints on the screen.

And the bottom layer is a super-soft dust brush to wipe away dust on the screen.

After using it, my personal opinion is: I still prefer wiping off dust and fingerprints from the screen with a piece of microfibre cloth. When the screen is slightly dirty, the result is the same; when the screen is very dirty, slightly damped microfibre cloth does a better cleaning job.


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