Sunday, May 24, 2015

Eco Breeze EB-2228 ceiling mount air circulator with LED lights and ionizer

I have recently installed an Eco Breeze EB-2228 ceiling mount air circulator with LED lights and ionizer.

It is basically a small fan with energy saving motor (claimed to be able to save up to 30% electricity) function to improve air circulation and regulate the room temperature, best working together with a nearby air-cond. It will boost the cooling effectiveness and efficiency of the air-cond, and claimed to be able to save up to 20% electricity consumption cost of air-cond too.

Under the fan is a 360 degree air jet rotation grill, which can let us manually direct the air blowing direction by stopping the grill rotation at a fixed position, or to let the air circulate 360 degree by keeping the jet rotating.

Surrounding the grill are several blue and white colour LED lights (the black dots in the photo above. They are off when the photo was taken), which will produce a soft, dim, aesthetic lighting.

There is a built in ionizer, which can be manually turned on or off.

At the outer part are 4 E27 lamp bulb base, which can put in LED bulbs. The light bulbs do not come together with the air circulator package, and need to purchase separately. In the photo above, I use the 5 watts warm white (yellowish) LED bulbs, which are pretty bright when all 4 of them are turned on.

This Eco Breeze air circulator comes with an all-in-one remote control, which can control separately for:
  • Fan on/off
  • Fan speed (slow, medium, high)
  • Louver vent oscillation on/off
  • Ionizer on/off
  • On/off timer (2, 4, 6 hours)
  • Light on/off
  • Circulation among 5 lighting modes
The 5 lighting modes are:
  • Single LED blue light
  • 4 LED white light
  • Air circulator internal blue light
  • 2 diagonal light bulbs
  • 4 light bulbs
After installation, this Eco Breeze EB-2228 air circulator is flat with the ceiling. It needs a 6 inches space above the ceiling to fit in completely.

The fan blades is pretty short though. Therefore, do not expect the wind produced will be as powerful as normal ceiling fan or wall fan, which has longer blades than this air circulator. After all, it is meant to circulate the air and best working together with nearby air-cond or ceiling fan, rather than blowing air like normal fan by itself.


RF said... Reply To This Comment

So how do you find it after 1.5 years? Worth the investment?

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment


Still up and running.

A bit troublesome to wash and clean.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

What is the cost and how do you order one

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment

@Allen Bowen

You can contact them with the link below:

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Do we have here in the Philippines on that model

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