Saturday, May 16, 2015

JetBox air-cond cleaning service by Dustbox Solutions

Dustbox Solutions has just performed an impressive cleaning service for the 4 units of air conditioners at my home today.

Engaging a good air-cond cleaning service provider is not easy. The price to clean one unit of split wall-mounted air-cond (for both indoor and outdoor unit) in Klang Valley can range from around RM75 to around RM200.

The price tag might or might not be related to the following factors:

  • Type of cleaning (e.g. chemical clean, water clean, ...)
  • Type of air-cond (e.g. inverter type normally cost more, higher HP normally cost more, ...)
  • Technology use
  • Comprehensiveness of the scope of service
  • Workmanship
  • After service warranty period
The Jetbox air-cond cleaning service by Dustbox Solutions cost me RM120 per unit, regardless of the HP of the air-cond, which I find is value for money. All my air-conds are normal type (not inverter type), and the one with the highest power is 2 HP.

The payment can be made using credit card on their website while booking for their service online. There will be surcharge if you opt to pay by cash when the actual service commenced on site.

The company sent 2 workers to my house, and they used about 45 minutes to clean one unit of air-cond with their JetBox power cleaning technology. They carry a blue JetBox with them to perform the cleaning, which I was told the machine is R&D from their own company.

They have even put up the video below in YouTube to explain about the JetBox indoor unit service.

The scope of service covers:
  • Outdoor unit checking for compressor fan, running capacitor, refrigerant gas pressure, and copper pipe liquid.
  • Indoor unit checking for swinging flap function, water leaking observation, visual check, air temperature check, and air flow check.
  • Refill of R22a gas.
  • Outdoor unit cleaning with chemical, rinse the condenser coil and compressor cover, check fan bearing and lubricate.
  • Indoor unit cleaning with chemical covering coil unit, barrel fan, covers, filters, louver & drain pan, treat condensate drain with anti-algae, disinfect and wipe cover.
I was given a detail service report for each unit of the air-conds (the scope of service listed above is copied from the checklist in the report), and 3 months of workmanship warranty.

If there is any faulty in terminal wire, supply wire, relay/fan capacitor, compressor, motor, gas leakage, run capacitor, etc., their worker can perform a repair for you with additional repair charges.

I am satisfied with their service and will engage them again for air-cond cleaning service in the future.


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