Wednesday, August 31, 2016

MEGA cloud storage with 50GB free quota and secured RSA-2048 encryption

Nowadays there are at least twenty over cloud storage service providers. Some of them provides free quota usage, such as the famous Dropbox (2GB), Google Drive (15GB), Microsoft OneDrive (15GB), pCloud (10GB), etc. while some other don't.

If you are looking for large amount of free storage, probably to store your precious videas, photos, disc images, etc., you should take a look at MEGA which generously provides 50GB free quota.

MEGA was founded in New Zealand by Kim DotCom in 2013, who was also the founder of the famous file-hosting website Megaupload. Megaupload was shut down by US government after being accused for copyright infringement. Anyhow, MEGA says Kim DotCom has already resigned as director since August 2013.

MEGA has on 23 August 2016 announced that they've reached a milestone of 50 million registered users with more than 20 billion files stored in their cloud service.

There is an article in Cloudwards posted in 18 September 2015 comparing MEGA with Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, SugarSync and SpiderOak, and concluded with the following comparison table:

(Comparison table from Cloudwards website)

MEGA can be accessed with any one of the following medium:
  • MEGA Sync client for Windows, Mac or Linux
  • MEGA mobile app for Android, iOS, Windows Phone or Blackberry
  • MEGA web browser extension for Chrome or Firefox
Its usage experience is similar to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. Its upload/download speed for free users is OK, I can get about 2 Mbps speed as shown below.

With its generous 50GB storage for free users, I find MEGA pretty attractive as a cloud storage for my videos, photos, disc images and other big files.

Note that users of Microsoft Office 365 are getting 1024GB bundled quota in OneDrive, which is much more larger than this 50GB. So, if you are genuine user of MS Office 365, you can make good use of your bundled 1TB space in OneDrive too.

HTC flagship smartphone users can also claim for 2 years usage of 100GB free additional storage in Google Drive through the pre-installed Google Drive app in the new phone. Beware that after 2 years, this 100GB additional storage quota will be revoked, unless you buy another new HTC flagship smartphone, and provided this offer is still available by then.


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