Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The hacking of Telegram app and the vulnerability of relying on SMS as authentication method

Yesterday (2 August 2016) there was news about 15 million Iranian Telegram users mobile phone number exposed and more than dozen accounts compromised by hackers.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This incident exposed that SMS, which is currently commonly used as authentication method in many online services including online banking systems, is vulnerable to security breach and could be the weakest link in the security measure.

Coincidently, Focus Malaysia Issue 191 dated 29 July 2016 has also just discussed about this vulnerability in its featured article titled "Overcoming The Two-Factor Vulnerability: When it comes to securing your web accounts, two-factor authentication using SMS is safer than just a standard password. But recent cases have shown that it might be time to move away from that."

Why is it not a good idea for online service providers to make use of SMS as security measure?

Firstly, the sending and receiving of SMS is depending on the telco service, which is totally out of control of the online service providers. Therefore, it is vulnerable to listening, hijacking, impersonating, replicating, and other kinds of security breaches along its sending and receiving process.

Secondly, technically speaking, personnel working in the telco can also easily manipulate the SMS as the control is with them. This is very likely the case as happened to Telegram users in Iran.

Thirdly, as mentioned in the article in Focus Malaysia, the code sent by SMS can be obtained using social engineering.

Fourthly, as SMS is sent to the phone, in the event the user lost his/her phone with the mobile apps of online banking, online stockbroking, etc., if the mobile apps are using SMS for authentication, whoever who got the phone can easily take control of the user's accounts, unless the SIM card in the phone is immediately barred, which then disables its SMS function.

As for the case of Telegram app, you can further secure your Telegram account by activating two-step verification, which will require your password to login beside your mobile phone number.

To activate two-step verification in Telegram app, go to Menu > Settings > Privacy and Security > Two-Step Verification and set your recovery email there. Your email can then be your last resort to safeguard your account from hijacking.


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