Monday, December 28, 2009

4:1 unit split for MAAKL Progress Fund

You might have noticed that since 23 December 2009, the NAV per unit of MAAKL Progress Fund has reduced tremendously.

This is because this unit trust fund has undergone a 4:1 (four additional units for every one unit held) unit split, and the price at 22 December 2009 has been adjusted from RM1.2626 to RM0.2525 accordingly. Unit holders will find their units increases by 4 times by 23 December 2009.

Unit holders with an online account can login to their Investor Service website to see the additional units credited into their account.

This exercise didn't have any change or impact to the profit/loss of the unit holders. It just merely reduce the unit price to a cheaper rate.

To calculate your return of investment in this MAAKL unit trust fund, you can adjust all the historical prices of MAAKL Progress Fund before 23 December 2009 by dividing it with 5. This will get you the correct chart to show its price movement.

Today MAAKL Progress Fund closed at RM0.2560, which shows a 1.39% increased since the unit split last week.

Click here to read the official announcement about MAAKL Progress Fund 4:1 unit split.


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