Thursday, December 3, 2009

Findings from Synovate PAX Survey 2009

In its 13 year, Synovate PAX Survey is the most comprehensive study of affluent group of elite adults in Asia Pacific region, which are from the higher income percentile of the society in the surveyed metropolitan areas.

The survey tracks media and digital consumption, prosperity, and influence across 11 markets from Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, to Australia. It is conducted year-round and Synovate spoke with 20,245 affluent consumers in Asia Pacific to get the 2009 results.

The table below shows the percentage of respondents in 5 of the surveyed metropolitan possess or answered "yes" to the corresponding items of interest.

The result reveals that:
  • Affluent consumers across Asia Pacific continued to spend even during the recession in 2008-2009.
  • Hong Kong respondents are still keen in the investment markets, with 51.2% invested in stock, bond and securities.
  • Meanwhile, only 16.8% of respondents from Kuala Lumpur invested in stock, bond and securities.
  • Online 10% of respondents from Kuala Lumpur enjoy a cultural lifestyle in live theaters and/or museums, and 51.6% will go to the cinema to watch (usually commercial) movies.
  • Media advertising doesn't seem to do well in gaining trust from the respondents. However, branding is pretty important as many prefer to buy well known brands (but surprisingly, not in the case of Hong Kong).
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