Monday, December 7, 2009

Using Google Public DNS to speed up web access

Google has just introduced their Public DNS service as part of their ongoing effort to make the web faster.

Since Google's search engine already crawls the web on a daily basis and in the process resolves and caches DNS information, they wanted to leverage their technology to experiment with new ways of addressing some of the existing DNS challenges around performance and security.

Google Public DNS is offered freely to the general public to:

  • Provide end users with an alternative to their current DNS service. 
  • Help reduce the load on ISPs' DNS servers by taking advantage of their global data-center and caching infrastructure.
  • Help make the web faster and more secure.
By making use of Google Public DNS, the benefits and enhancements are:
The Google Public DNS IP addresses are as follows:
Click here for detail information about how to configure your computer to make use of Google Public DNS.


    Kino said... Reply To This Comment

    The numbers look cool.

    Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

    OpenDNS is also a very good alternative.
    some hosting server also use OpenDNS

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