Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Citibank cash back platinum credit card

I think Citibank cash back platinum credit card is the most talk-about credit card in Malaysia nowadays as this new card does offer attractive rebates on spendings and they've launched promotion everywhere, including the Innity ads-feed in my blog.

Despite you can see information about this credit card everywhere, I'll do my best to provide you the most complete information about Citibank cash back platinum credit card here.

Citibank cash back platinum credit card is a VISA card. Minimum credit limit of this credit card is RM10,000.

This cash back is a limited time "promotion" with a period from 26 May 2010 until 1 August 2010. You need to apply for the card and get it approved before 1 August 2010 to enjoy the promotion offer.

The spending cash back rebate offered by this credit card are:
  • 5% on petrol - any petrol station, limited to max RM30 rebate per month (equilvalent to RM600 petrol spending)
  • 2% on pharmaceutical - if you swipe the card in Watson or Guardian only.
  • 2% on  grocery - if you swipe the card in Tesco, Giant, Carrefour or Cold Storage only.
  • 2% on phone bills - if you pay the bills of Celcom, Digi or Maxis by using Citibank One Bill autopay service or Citibank Online Internet banking service.
  • 0.3% on all other retail spendings, NOT applicable to items such as balance transfer, flexi-payment plan, cash withdrawal, chargeable fees, interest payment, etc.
Cash rebate shall be credited into your account when the accumulated cash rebate for a particular month reaches RM50, otherwise the cash back will be carried forward to the next month.

  • Available to resident in Malaysia only.
  • NOT available to existing card holders of  any Citibank Cash Back Card (Platinum, Gold and/or Silver).
  • Existing card holder of other credit card for more than 1 year with credit limit more than RM8,500
  • Annual income greater than RM60,000.
Annual Fees:
  • RM195 for principal card, RM100 for supplementary card.
  • Government tax of RM50 for principal card and RM25 for supplementary card is applicable.
  • 1st year annual fee is waivable if you swipe the card more than 3 times within 60 days after you received the card.
  • For subsequent waiver of annual fee, call Citibank to negotiate.
  • RM60 rebate if you sign up for at least 1 autopay service (One Bill) within promotion period (before 1 August 2010).
  • RM50 government tax rebate if you apply the card from Internet or in certain roadshow.
  • Free gift (a trolley bag worth RM250, picture below) if you applied for 2 cards, or 1 card with Balance Transfer. The Balance Transfer rate is 3.99% per annum for 9 months.

Other benefits:
  • Complimentary retail protection plan - new retail purchases are automatically protected against theft or accidental damage within 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Exclusive KPJ Healthcare package - 30% discount for KPJ's Executive Screening Packages; 15% discount on walk-in hospital room rates from RM120 and above; 1 complimentary blood cholesterol check per year. 
  • International concierge service by VISA International.

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D. Ebt said... Reply To This Comment

You find credit cards in almost all the countries. And these platinum cards are the best as they offer cash back for some purchase.

chienyiing said... Reply To This Comment

the cash back list is very attractive!

alantanblog said... Reply To This Comment

Too bad...I don't apply any new credit cards anyone due to RM50 Tax

Tiger said... Reply To This Comment

The cash back seems attractive but you can get similar offer from other banks as well.
Try to look out those advertisement.

However, usually this type of cash back only offer for a very short period of time.
For long term cash back probably we have to learn from bank to bank.

I understand currently there is a bank offer long term cash back with 2% petrol rebate (applicable to any day).

manual credit card machine said... Reply To This Comment

using platinum card can prepare ways for greater and better benefits that can boost business development and managing finances!

Hawk said... Reply To This Comment

hey man,

do you know whether holder of this Citibank Cash Back Platinum Card can enter to KLIA premium lounge ?

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Hawk,

I haven't used this card to enter the airport lounge before.

You can find out from Citibank and inform us after you get the answer.

Tatz said... Reply To This Comment

According to Citibank telemarketer, holder of this Citibank Cash Back Platinum Card is NOT eligible to enter KLIA premium lounge..

AskChong said... Reply To This Comment

I use OCBC Titanium + Citibank Cash Back
Click for my blog for cards comparison

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