Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Panasonic ER417 electronic nose & ear hair trimmer/clipper

How do you trim your nose hair? Or have you ever trimmed your nose hair? Normally we did it with a small scissors and a mirror, didn't we?

I've just found something considerably safer, trim better and faster. Here is it.

I redempt this battery operated Panasonic ER417 nose & ear hair trimmer with my credit card redemption points. This small and handy electronic device will provide you with a close and neat cut, thanks to its 60° blade.

Operated with one AA size battery, it trims with its stainless steel blades that never touch your skin, which is  comfortable and safer. Its cover cap has a small mirror, allowing you to see when you are trimming on the go.

The whole unit is water washable, but don't use boiled water.

Pretty cool isn't it?


spaceghost said... Reply To This Comment

yeah, i just watched the movie 'hot chicks' last night and there's one scene where he uses this trimmer..i wonder how much it cost

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