Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Online group purchase Dell computer at lower price with Dell Swarm

If you plan to buy a Dell computer (either laptop or desktop) with Intel processor (oops, not for AMD), you can possibly get it at a lower price in Dell Swarm website.

Dell Swarm Malaysia is an innovative website to enable anyone residing in Malaysia to group purchase computers with Dell Malaysia.

The group purchase option is called a Swarm, and will active for 72 hours (3 days) for buyers to place order. The more buyers swarm for it (up to a maximum of 15 committed buyers per Swarm), the more discount they will get. Buyers can also pledge for a lower price, and they'll get it if more buyers join the Swarm. Once the price is lowered as they wish, they'll become committed buyers then.

The price will be finalized when the Swarm ended, all buyers will get the same lowest price resulting from number of committed buyers as well as their pledging effort to bring the price further down. The buyers will get a unique coupon code via email, and they can proceed to Dell Malaysia's website to customize the items and place the order.

If you don't see a Swarm with the computer specs that you want, you can suggest for a new one by specifying your specs, and get your supporters to follow your suggestion. Every 2 weeks, the most popular suggested Swarm will be chosen to become an active Swarm.

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