Saturday, October 23, 2010

MyConstitution Campaign (Kempen PerlembagaanKu)

MyConstitution Campaign (Kempen PerlembagaanKu) is an initiative by the Bar Council's Constitutional Law Committee to simplify the Federal Constitution of Malaysia so that it can reach out to the general public.

The committee is formed to:
  • Promote the concept of constitutionalism and the rule of just law;
  • Raise awareness of, and educate the rakyat on provisions of the Federal Constitution and thereby to empower the rakyat; 
  • Document and respond to constitutional issues that arise; and
  • Conduct research on matters relating to the Federal Constitution and/or State Constitutions and where necessary, make recommendations for constitutional reform.
It is important for us to understand the Federal Constitution, as it is the most important document in our country which determines what kind of country we live in.

As part of the initiative, the committee has published a series of Rakyat Guides (RG) to explain the Federal Constitution in layman's terms (click the links to download/access).
Click here to visit the official website of MyConstitution (PerlembagaanKu)


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