Sunday, October 17, 2010

What are the 300 products have import duty abolished in 2011 National Budget

The 2011 National Budget speech by Najib on 15 October 2010 evening proposed that the import duty of approximately 300 goods preferred by tourists and locals be abolished with immediate effect.

Those items are:

  • Handbags, wallets, suitcases, briefcases, apparel, suits, children's apparel, shirts, undergarments, lingerie, nightwear, footwear, shoes and hats (duty between 5%-20%)
  • Jewellery, costume jewellery and ornaments (duty between 5%-20%)
  • Golf balls, toys such as dolls and small scale recreational models (duty between 5%-20%)
  • Talcum powder, face powder, shampoo, hair colourants and perfume (duty between 10%-20%)
  • Bedspreads, blankets, bed sheets, curtains, table cloth and mosquito nettings (duty between 10%-20%)
The detail listis said to be available in a so-called Appendix A, which I still can't find downloadabale in any government websites now.

Click here to download the speech of 2011 National Budget

Click here to download the 16 appendixes of 2011 National Budget (but without the Appendix A)


Faezah Zee said... Reply To This Comment


The list of 300 goods. Find it under Lampiran 8, Lampiran A (page 12-36)

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