Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Aurora AS424C cross-cut paper shredder

I found this round of PIKOM PC Fair does not have much difference from last round in August 2009. In fact, the RAM module price has risen quite a lot. Things which have price drop are portable harddisk, GPS navigator, etc.

Anyhow, managed to bought myself an Aurora AS424C cross-cut paper shredder at the price of RM99. It looks small and cute, very portable and easy to carry. It is not so heavy too, weights only 2.3kg.

Its main purpose in my household will be to shred old statements of credit cards, bank slips, phone bills, etc. before disposal to dustbin.

It is able to feed in up to 4 pieces of A4 paper, folded. In fact, the papers need to be folded because the inlet length is shorter than A4 width.

Equipped with strong steel cutters, it shreds pretty fast and can even feed in small paper staples without problem. It is also able to awesomely shred credit card. But it is not designed to shred CD/DVD, and there are other higher end models (with higher price) which are able to do so.

This is the result after shredding. The stripes are actually not too fine, so if you shred vertically, can still read some words on the stripes. It is more advisible to shred the papers horizontally, so that the sentences will be cut into multiple stripes and rendered to be unreadable.

This shredder comes with some safety features, such as:
  • It will not start-up if the unit head is not placed properly in its translucent wastebasket.
  • It will auto switch off when its motor detected to be overheated due to long operation.
  • It has a REV switch to reverse the feeding and roll out the paper. You can still save the unshredded part.
At the cost of RM99 with 1 year warranty, I find this paper shredder good to have for lightweight usage at home.


Vivien said... Reply To This Comment

cool, have your own paper shredder, quite cheap too

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Vivien,

Yes. RM99 considered cheap for a cross-cut shredder. The merchant said this shredder is selling at RM199 in Popular Book Store. (anybody want to duly check it?)

Unlike its cheaper counterpart of strip-cut shredder, which cut paper into long strips, cross-cut shredder cut paper into small pieces of much smaller and shorter strips.

Rachel Yen said... Reply To This Comment

i dunno pc fair selling this! well, normally i just use scissors and cut then only throw
after reading this post i might get one for myself

Sumandak From the Land Below the Wind said... Reply To This Comment

wua! I want one too!

Kino said... Reply To This Comment
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Kino said... Reply To This Comment

Just saw ads in popular popclub magazine. Toyo brand sold at RM79.
Aurora AS424C sold at RM100.
U all may 1 2 take a look.

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Kino,

That would be a good news to ppl who want to buy.

Thanks for the info.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Toyo Brand from where?
I Know AURORA is an international brand and is more reliable?

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Campap Superstore will having the promotion for AURORA AS424C COMING SOON !! PLEASE ATTENTION

confidential shredding said... Reply To This Comment

Looks very useful, nice article

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Can I get 1 in KLCC Bookfest 2010....? It's coming next week!

Generic Cialis said... Reply To This Comment

Cool product, it would be a great asset to my office and maybe a gift for the boss.

The Shredding Alliance said... Reply To This Comment

Sounds like a good product, in this day and age of identity fraud, it makes sense to shred personal documents to prevent criminals getting hold of your details. I've heard of people going through your rubbish bags just to find bank details and it can be a nightmare trying to prove your name. In the end it's better to be safe than sorry.

Ruby said... Reply To This Comment

Have you heard of the saying “your trash is someone else’s treasure?” This is a reason why paper shredding is important, even with our household files. There are many identity thieves around, and they might take advantage of the personal information we have on our bills, bank statements, and other important documents. A paper shredder will securely destroy sources of such information.

Ruby Badcoe

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