Thursday, September 8, 2011

The end of Papago! GPS support for X3 / X5 / X6 / Reality 7 / OEM and final MalFreeMaps for those versions

Maction has forced an end support to all earlier version of their X-Series Papago! GPS by end of August 2011, which include the hardware and software (Android, iPhone, Win CE, ...) version of X3, X5, X6,  Reality 7, and OEM versions. Those will be replaced by the new X8 version using a new map format with no backward compatibility.

They have also officially requested MalFreeMaps (MFM) to cease providing map updates to all earlier versions of Papago! by end of August 2011, and only provide future map updates for Papago! X8.

As such, MFM-PPG-110823 is the final MalFreeMaps map release for those earlier versions of Papago!.

I can understand their move, which I believe is a bold business decision to fight against piracy to their software. The pirated Papago! GPS software had been used in some China-made GPS gadgets and also embeded GPS in car audio-visual devices, selling at cheap price. Beside that, cracked versions of Papago! for Android, iPhone, Win CE, Symbian, etc. are not difficult to be found, downloaded and installed from the Internet.

In fact, Garmin GPS also faced the same software piracy problem before, until they ceased the production of software version of Garmin Mobile XT GPS navigator.

Anyhow, this is a very risky move of Maction. Regardless whether it is legal and/or ethical to do so, for sure they have lost in customer satisfaction, loyalty, and brand reputation. But this will also kill off some of their competitors who pirated their software and produce cheap GPS gadgets.

Existing users of genuine Papago! are told to bring their devices to Papago! service centres for upgrade to version X8, either free or at cost, based on the terms and conditions.

Are you a Papago! user? What do you feel about this drastic action?


Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

I have a Papago/Waygoi600 bought 2 years ago. GPS still works well but map is out of date. No online updates available and writing to papago service centre or customer support is useless as they NEVER reply back. I also have a TomTom that I use in Australia. After registering I am able to update my TomTom online when I'm in Oz. TomTom also has excellent online customer service. They reply your email queries and give you advise and help. Based on this experience, I will never buy another Papago GPS in future. Lousy after sales customer service. I don't care what they say about being hacked by China cheats. They are obligated to provide customers with proper after sales care as we pay at least a few hundred bucks per GPS. I wanted to buy USA map, but will now buy from TomTom.

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