Friday, September 9, 2011

Garmin releases MalSingMaps Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei NT 2011.30 for free update

Garmin has made available MalSingMaps (MSM) Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei NT 2011.30 (2011-Q3) for free update now.

You can click here to download the installation file of MalSingMaps Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei NT 2011.30 from Garmin server. The download file is split into 4, and you just need to download the file relevant to your Garmin GPS navigator:

  • nuvi 3790V or 3790
  • nuvi 1250
  • nuvi 2575R, 2565, 2465, 1460, 1350, 765 or 255w
  • nuvi 205 or 205w
The installation file for nuvi 255w is 234MB (245,858KB), about the same size with its previous version released in 2011 Q1.

For nuvi 255w, the installation program requires you to have an SD Card slotted in your GPS before it can proceed. Just like the previous version of MSM NT 2011.10, it will install gmapprom1.img (44,484KB) and SGMYMAL.JCV (215,715KB) into your SD Card instead of the flash memory of your GPS. If you prefer them to be in the GPS internal flash memory, you can manually move them from your SD Card to the flash memory, and I've done that without any issue. Anyhow, the gmapprom1.unl file is still updated in the flash memory of the GPS.

During the installation process, you'll be asked for the unlock key. The key is stored in the existing gmapprom1.unl file in your Garmin GPS navigator, which you can open with Notepad or any text editor. Just copy and paste the key to the installer when asked.

I couldn't find any description about what has been changed in this new version of MSM.


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