Sunday, September 18, 2011

The relationship between multi-storey building floor number and the 5 elements of Feng Shui

Nowadays, multi-storey or high rise building is everywhere in urban areas.

You might live in multi-storey building, and you might also work in multi-storey building.

Do you want to know the relationship between multi-storey building floor number and the 5 elements of Feng Shui? With that, you can find out how compatible is the floor you are staying with your own element.

Note that in Chinese floor naming convention, the 1st Floor is the floor that is same level with the ground, which might be known as Ground Floor in certain places. The 2nd Floor is the floor above 1st Floor, which might be known as 1st Floor in buildings that start with Ground Floor.

Before we proceed, please keep in mind that we are using the Chinese floor naming convention here, so do your own adjustment if your building's naming convention is different.

To determine the element of the floor, we look at its last digit. Therefore, 1st Floor, 11th Floor, 21st Floor, 31st Floor, 41st Floor, ... all have the same element. The same concept applies to 2nd Floor, 12th Floor, 32nd Floor, ... and so on. (Remember: use the Chinese floor naming convention!)

And here is the associated elements:

  • Water: 1, 6
  • Fire: 2, 7
  • Wood: 3, 8
  • Metal: 4, 9
  • Earth: 5, 10

There is also a mapping between the 5 elements and your Chinese Zodiac animal. Your Chinese Zodiac animal is determined based on your year of birth. The mapping is as follow:
  • Water: Rat, Boar
  • Fire: Snake, Horse
  • Wood: Tiger, Rabbit
  • Metal: Monkey, Roaster
  • Earth: Cow, Dragon, Goat, Dog

It is a basic Feng Shui concept that:
  • Water produces Wood
  • Wood produces Fire
  • Fire produces Earth
  • Earth produces Metal
  • Metal produces Water
and that:
  • Water destroys Fire
  • Fire destroys Metal
  • Metal destroys Wood
  • Wood destroys Earth
  • Earth destroys Water
Now, you have enough information to evaluate whether the floor your are staying in has positive or negative impact to you.

For example, if you are born in the year of Rabbit (Wood element), and you are staying/working in 5th Floor (in Chinese convention) (Earth element), Wood destroys Earth and therefore Earth suppresses Wood, it seems to be not a good matching. In Feng Shui, this situation is considered Neutral and not as Bad. However, if the floor is Metal (destroys Wood) or Fire (burns up the Wood), that is considered as Bad. If the floor is Water (produces Wood) or Wood (enriches Wood), that is considered as Good.


sandra gatto said... Reply To This Comment

what if born in year of Horse (fire) and floor no. 11th (element water), is that considered neutral

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment

@sandra gatto

Water destroys Fire. Not a good match.

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