Sunday, April 6, 2008

AOCM - A friendly and resourceful automotive club for Toyota Avanza owners

Before I made the booking and then purchased my Toyota Avanza 1.5G last year, I did quite a lot of researches about the goods and bads of the car. It is this Avanza Owners' Club Malaysia or AOCM which helped me made up my mind for the final decision.

For the price of around RM70k, which is close to RM10k cheaper than Toyota Vios 1.5 and Honda City 1.5, this car has a lot of impressive features. So far the Toyota Avanza assembled in Perodua's plant is still the cheapest 7-seater MPV in Malaysia. Its seating position gives a good clearance view of the road. It has versatile seat configuration. It's 3SZ-VE DOHC VVT-i engine performs well when carrying 7 adults with luggages. Its 3rd row seat can really sit in 2 adults or 3 children pretty comfortably. It has dedicated air-cond blowers for 2nd and 3rd row seats. During my time of purchase, it come with a free Sony 32" LCD TV or free Aerokit too. In short, it is valued for money.

However, we all aware that this car has some shortcomings too. People find it bouncy, noise insulation is poor, etc. For all those shortcomings, AOCM always has good workaround solution.

If you plan to buy an Avanza, or you are already Avanza owner, and you are not AOCM member yet, do pay a visit to You can join in free of charge. We have regular technical talks (TT) meetup session every month. This club is really resourceful with knowledgeable sifu, and the members are always ready to help up each other.

I'll tell you what I have learned from the sifu in AOCM and the practical improvements made to my Avanza in the upcoming posts.


Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment

AOCM is currently facing some technical difficulty with their official domain name of

Anyhow, you can access the forum with this URL:

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment

FYI, the current URL for AOCM forum is:

Vulcan Lau said... Reply To This Comment

AOCM is a closed group and you can register yourself at to proceed. Is free of charge.

Admin of AOCM

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