Friday, April 18, 2008

Shower heater in bathroom

You might probably notice about the shower heater in the photo of my recent post about the tempered glass shower screen. It is the Alpha brand Shower Plus SH-88EP.

We did consider between this electrical shower heater and the roof top solar water heater. We found that the price of the solar water heater was too high, and the electrical shower heater is easier to control the water temperature according to our need.

When purchasing shower heater, here are some of the considerations:
  • Must come with Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) and lightning protector as safety measure.
  • Auto thermal cut-out feature to prevent over heating.
  • Water pump that can be switched on and off. The pump will be used when several places in my house are using water at the same time, affecting the water pressure upstairs.
  • Acceptable noise level of water pump.
  • Pump speed can be controlled.
  • Easy to control showering water temperature.
  • Anti leaking tank.
  • Can work with water pressure as low as 2 psi only.
  • Several modes of shower jet spray option.


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