Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Toshiba 3-doors fridge

This is the 470 litres Toshiba 3-doors fridge in my kitchen. Toshiba fridge has been famous for their Hybrid Plasma technology which can effectively keep food fresher, kill bacteria and eliminate bad odour.

When buying a fridge, storage capacity is an important consideration. You should look at the net (internal) storage capacity instead of the gross (including its walls). For example, this 470 litres fridge has a net storage capacity of 395 litres, comprises the freezer on top (104 litres), the refrigerator (201 litres), and the vegetable compartment at the bottom (90 litres). This is lower than the 2-doors model of same family from Toshiba, which has net storage capacity of 410 litres.

Below are the pros and cons of having a 3-doors fridge instead of the 2-doors.


  • Bigger compartment to store vegetables.
  • Drawer-type lower compartment which can pull out widely, convenient to put in and take out the vegetables.
  • Save electricity - When you open the fridge door, the cool air escapes and the fridge need to work hard to maintain back the temperature in the compartment. By dividing the vegetable compartment from the refregerator, the refregerator's door is smaller hence less cool air escaped when you open the door just for a while, and the temperature in vegetable compartment is also not affected when the refregerator's door is opened. This is the same that opening the bottom compartment will not affect the refregerator compartment's temperature.


  • Net storage capacity smaller by 15 litres.
  • Less space to store drinks as the bottom row of drinks shelf behind the door was compensated to the vegetable compartment.


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Toshiba plasma glass-door fridges and Daiseikai air conditioners are one of the most reliable machines we ever had!
I used to trust Panasonic but not anymore after our 2 Super Ionizer units fan and cooling thermostat gave repeated problems.

Toshiba to us is like "Buy 'em, and forget 'em. No worries.

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