Monday, April 21, 2008

Toyota Avanza enhancement - rubber door seals

If you ever sit in a Toyota Avanza with original specs, you might have noticed that its noise insulation is very poor. Noise from outside is pretty loud, especially when motocycles pass by. The feeling is as if the car window is not closed, although it is.

This problem is due to a gap of about 10 mm found between the door and the car body when the door is closed. All Toyota Avanza doors with the original grey colour seal will suffer with this problem, because that grey door seal does not have a ring part to fill up the 10 mm gap when the door is closed.

It is found that all the 4 doors of Toyota Avanza 1.3 model are using that grey door seal; whereas the 2 front doors of the 1.5 model are using another black colour rubber door seal which comes with the ring, while its 2 rear doors are still using the grey door seal. This means the 1.5 model already addressed and fixed half of the problem.

The solution:

  • For 1.3 model, replace all the 4 grey door seals with the black rubber door seal with ring.

  • For 1.5 model, replace the 2 grey door seals with the black rubber door seal with ring.
You can get the solution from AOCM at the cost of less than RM50 only (for 4 doors). The rubber door seals are also available in most car accessories shops. Once the rubber door seals are installed, the noise level in the Avanza cabin will be about the same as in other car makes.

You can get even better noise insulation by applying special insulating material inside the doors, but that will be another story.


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

awesome, if not avanza member, how can i get this?

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment


You can look around the car accessories shops.

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