Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Home alarm system

If you plan to install home alarm system, it is wise to have your contractor to lay down all the related cabling and conceal them in the wall, before you move in.

The alarm system should connect to every single grilles, windows and doors of the house perimeter. You might also want to install motion detectors on top of the ceiling underneath the roof top, and also in area inside your house where nobody will probably walk pass at night. Your motion detector will probably damaged by high temperature in short period of time, unless you installed the turbine ventilators to cool down your roof top.

You should plan for the location of the control panels, normally near the entrance and also inside your bedroom. You must also plan for the location of the siren units, and have the units located both outside your house and also inside your house (which the burglar cannot disable before entering your house and find it). You must also plan for the location to hide the alarm central unit. If you want the alarm system to alert you via telephone, call police automatically, or enable you to control it remotely using your handphone, you should have your telephone line linked to this central unit too.

Then you must plan to divide your house into different monitoring zones for the alarm. Normally, 4 zones is enough for single storey houses, 8 zones is suitable for double storey, and 12 zones is required for bungalow.

You should install vibrating sensor for the grilles, magnetic sensor for windows and doors, motion detector for roof area and living room. Your alarm should be triggerred if any one of the wiring to the vibrating sensors is cut off.

For additional home security, you might also want to install monitoring camera in your house.


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Are u intalled the wired or wireless system? Which one providing the good in performance? My developer did offer the wired alarm system about RM 5K upon built up period. As i didn't do much survey about the prices in market? May i know how much it would cost for standard package?

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment

I installed mine for around RM2k only.

It depends on the features to determine the fairness in pricing. For example, does it linked up to the guard house or central monitoring station?

Wired system is more reliable and very effective. Wireless system tends to susceptible to interferance and reception problems.

Normally people opts for wireless system after they've moved in the house, and don't want to hack the walls all over the house.

However, wireless technology is better in terms of sending out the alarm calls to external party, using a handphone SIM card. In that case, even if your phone line was cut off completely, your alarm system is still able to make the calls.

home alarm camera system said... Reply To This Comment

Burglars don't ever like home security systems so when they come across a home that has a home security system installed, they prefer to go elsewhere, hence, your possessions are kept safe.

alarm system said... Reply To This Comment

Fire alarm system is there to advice us if there is outbreak of a fire. In that case, it is important to choose an alarm that will help us in times of fire. A better fire alarm system should be installed.

Fernando said... Reply To This Comment

A very sensitive alarm system is a very effective one. It is a good idea to be connected with most parts of the house and not only the ones that burglars may pass through, because there are instances that a burglar can get away and plan a better heist next time.

Fernando Severns

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Alarm System Report brings forth well researched alarm system reviews, which offer reliable information about various alarm systems. Best alarm systems can be chosen conveniently.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

The most effective home defense systems are by IWATCHS. The systems can actually sense motion and sound with great accuracy and can tell wen the motions are made by bad guys or by home owners. The alarm sound is also often an effective deterrent to burglary unlike other systems.

The downside is that the systems tend to demand walks and can drool on the furniture.

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