Sunday, April 6, 2008

Outdoor motion sensor light

I purchased this motion sensor light for just hundred something ringgit each from the lighting shop.

I installed one set to illuminate my car poach area, and another set at the backyard area.

It's sensitivity can be adjusted. With the light sensitivity switch, I configured it to operate at night, where there is little or no sunlight. There is also a timer switch to set for how long it will illuminate when triggered before turning itself off again.

So how it works? When the lighting environment reaches the preset condition (in my setting, only when lighting is weak, eg. during night time), it will automatically turn on when any motion is detected, and then turn off itself when no more motion is detected after the preset number of time.

With this sensor light in place, whenever I walk out the house during night time, it will automatically light up for me. The same will happen whenever I come back from outside at night. Pretty convenient, isn't it?

It also serves some security functions, as any motion detected during night time will trigger its light on, thus helps to deter bad guy from entering the house compound. You can also link its circuit to your doorbell system, so that your doorbell will chime when it is triggered.


warthog02 said... Reply To This Comment


Can you forward me some info on where I can purchase a decent motion sensor that I can couple to a spotlight for my front door? Thanks.

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment

Hi warthog02,

The sensor and spotlights are in the same piece.

I think you can get it in most of the lighting house in town.

warthog02 said... Reply To This Comment

Thannks, Voyager8.

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