Monday, April 7, 2008

The giant size Jumbo kitchen sink

This is the giant size Jumbo single bowl sink in my kitchen. It is like a double bowl sink without the center divider.

I find this sink more practical and useful than its double bowl counterparts, especially when there are a lot of dishes, pots, pans and woks to wash. Its gigantic volume can fit in all in one go. It is deeper than most double bowl too.

This stainless steel Teka brand Jumbo sink comes with a basket strainer which can be put on top, and covers up half of it. The strainer can fit in both its left hand side and also right hand side.

The only problem with this sink is that, there are some minor scratches on the stainless steel surface after being used for some times.


halcyon said... Reply To This Comment

8th, I'm using the same sink. Had installed over an Ikea 80cm base cab. I found too late that the Jumbo cut-out size exceeds the inner net width of the cabinet slightly. The installer scraped off one side of the inner wall laminate to expose the chipboard to make it fit. Hope to seal it later with a good sealant like GE kitchen and bath :P

My take: it's deep. That's the highpoint and it's the right size if requiring one in a limited space kitchen. Depending on the faucet used it tends to splash out water esp when washing woks and pots unless I use a slower flow rate. Otherwise they are practically fine for its use.

For those planning to have a kitchen make over do consider the following for your sink area:

Ergonomic tip 1: Have the base cabinet/carcass set at 86cm before laying down the worktop or solid surface. For a deep sink like this, a person of 160cm tall and above will not have to bend forward while washing up. Good for the back ;) This height is just good to fit in a dishwasher if budget allows.

Ergonomic tip 2: Prefer a matte finish to cross-matte finish to a polished finish. They don't splash too much or scratch easily but neither do they come cheap either. Good examples are Franke, Blanco, Arano (taiwan). Verzon Bath in Subang SS15 have a few good examples of large single sinks. If budget is like you mint your own money and don't worry too much about tommorow then MrCleanup ( is not bad too (Kitchen Cleanup sinks and dry area are the ultimate). The Malaysian office is in Medan Putra opp Desa Park City.

My old condo uses a Fion (???italy or taiwan) 9" deep large double sink (both 45cm across) with cross-matte finish which I bought from Seloma Sukma. They do just that - hardly any splashouts while rinsing which results in a relative dry worktop bordering the sink. Drips from transferring plates to dish rack don't count cos that's expected.

Ergonomic tip 3: Use a tall and long reach sink faucet that positions the water spout towards the middle ie over the sink trap rather than near the back (splashout towards the back area). Too near the front is not good either as it tends to splashout at the front ie my clothing. The faucet's spout must not come down too low for washing things like woks. Combined that with a deep sink, my wife fell in love this placement esp when she can just tuck the mopping pail under to fill up for mopping the kitchen. If you're not overly mindful, it doubles as a baby bathtub esp in a small condo with 2 bathrooms. ;) With a well laid out kitchen undersink, one can store pampers too plus other stuff for bathing the baby. Truly multi-functional kitchen sink/baby bathing area and kitchen drying area/baby changing station. 8) Heck, with the high faucet can double as a shower head for baby too. Just replace the fixed aerator with a Prego aerator/shower avaialble from Ace or any other hardware store. Lastly no way, can we throw the baby with the bath water. ;)

Ergonomic tip 4:
Take the pain to plan and position electrical points under the sink. It helps with things like undersink waste disposer (Insinkerator), undersink RO systems which require electricity or dishwashers. Makes your place sellable too since the first place most folks look at is the kitchen.

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for your sharing.

Haha, u are not the 1st person using the word "bathtub" to describe it :-)

I did considered installing the undersink waste disposer, but there is not much space left underneath the Jumbo sink to fit in the disposer.

Granite Worktops said... Reply To This Comment

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