Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tint film with safety and security features

Most people in Malaysia has installed tint film for their car to battle against the hot sun. My car is installed with Armorcoat security tint film for RM1xxx by the Tint Shop.

This tint film is comparable to V-Kool standard in terms of heat repellent, also comes with 5 years warranty, and is quite transparent to also meets the JPJ's light penetration requirement.

If you are considering tinting your car, it is wise to consider for the additional safety and security feature too. With the security tint film, people can only break the window in certain way using certain type of device. Your windows will be pretty robust and unbreakable by helmet, hammer, throwing stone, etc. And with its safety feature, even if the window glass is broken, the pieces will remain sticking on the film, instead of scattering all over and might injure people sitting in the car.

The minimum acceptable robustness of car security film is 4 mil (100 micron). An 8 mil (200 micron) security film can withstand most kind of impacts. If it is 20 mil and above, your windows can be bulletproof.


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Interesting point about the safety everyone could have by having window tints. Aside from this, window tints are also energy efficient and eco-friendly. For example, having your windows tinted could save more, at the same time caring for the environment as we lessen the carbon emission in our atmosphere. While most window films are for reducing solar heat gain in the summer, low-e films both block summer heat and improve winter heat retention. You can find out more about window film at

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16 mil on 3mm car window glass should be able to stop 9mm from 15 meters

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