Friday, April 18, 2008

LCD vs Plasma TV - 2008 1st quarter update

The market warfare between LCD and Plasma TV continues. Lets do some comparison between them based on today's technology.

Viewing angle:

Plasma used to win on this, but today both of them are equally having viewing angle close to 180 degree.

Pixel response time:

Plasma used to win on this, but LCD is catching up fast, coming up with new models that have response time as low as 5ms only.


Plasma has higher contrast ratio, and LCD is catching up with "dynamic contrast ratio".

Screen resolution:

LCD of same size usually able to produce higher screen resolution. This is important if the TV were to connect to a computer and act as monitor (eg. for playing games).

Burn-in image:

Plasma used to suffer from this weaknesses. Today's technology such as "pixel orbitor" has been used to address this problem. LCD doesn't have burn-in problem.

Product lifespan:

New generations of plasma are catching up with the LCD's lifespan of 60,000 hours.


Plasma screen surface still reflect glare. LCD never has this problem because its screen surface reflects very little light.


Plasma of same size is still heavier than LCD.

Power consumption:

Plasma still consumes more power than LCD.


The price gap between LCD and Plasma of same size is getting closer and closer, while LCD still cost cheaper in smaller size models, especially below 40".


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thanks for the info....sounds like LCD is better ....

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